Data Protection

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If you keep data on your business Laptops Desktops and Servers just how reliable are your backups?

While protecting information stored on servers across the network is a top priority, traditional backup solutions often consume valuable IT resources with an element of a manual processes which can fail to deliver on their requirement leaving your company vulnerable to data loss and downtime.

You need a secure, automated, cost-effective solution that can demonstrate reliability and performance. Technology is fast moving and there are always better, faster more efficient means to protect data.

Backup and Disaster Recovery comes in formats, choosing the right solution is what we are good at and using our Best of Breed philosophy we can select and implement a be-spoke Data Protection Solution to fit your needs and budget


DR stands for Disaster Recovery. DR is the system that protects an IT System by creating a copy of data and system configuration which is stored in an alternate location to the main business premises. Executing a DR plan means an IT department can reproduce the whole IT operations it was intended to protect in a predefined time frame resulting in continuing business trading.

Backup is the process of storing a copied set of data in an alternative location or storage media. Backups can exist in backup sets which are snap shots of how data was stored at any historical time frame. Data recovery is when a backup set is accessed to restore lost or damaged data back to a production environment.

If you call your IT provider, be it an external managed service provider or your IT department and ask them for a full report on your DR and Backup testing schedule. They should be able to demonstrate successful data and systems recovery

DR and Backup testing schedule tests the integrity of data and systems after they have been restored. DR is generally tested once per quarter and requires some effort to fail over from production to the site and fail back from DR to production.

Backup on the other hand should be tested monthly and there should be evidence of more than one backup solution to support high integrity targets.

This depends largely on your business type and budget. We try not to affiliate with any particular vendor. This means you “Our Customer” are given unbiased advice on the best fit solution for your budget and protection needs.

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