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  • Business Applications, Data Integrity, IT Security
  • Business Applications, Data Integrity, IT Security
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What is Cloud Desktop?

Cloud Desktop Solutions provide you with a complete IT system, which is reliable, cost effective and secure. Cloud Desktop removes the complexities and constraints that businesses encounter with their local IT systems. Cloud Desktop provides you with a service that does not limit your ideas and growth.

Cloud Desktop removes the need to run and support your own hardware and software. It provides your business with all the systems you need to operate a successful business in a predictable flexible monthly instalment.

Our Cloud Desktop Services are delivered from leading UK data centres from nationwide locations. This gives us the capability to deliver your data and systems from any location making them resilient and always available. This provides your organisation with Business Continuity (BC) using sophisticated Disaster Recovery (DR) technology. All customers regardless of their size receive these services. We offer the very best IT strategy whilst maintaining affordability with predictable expenditure.

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