Hosting and Cloud Solutions

Hosted IT as a Service ITaaS

Hosted ITaaS is an innovative ICT Solution and IT environment which is accessed over the internet securely and reliably. It takes the hassle out of owning and running your own IT infrastructure system leaving you to get on with running your business and best of all, it’s cost effective!

  • Access your IT Hosted Cloud Desktop via your personalised Cloud Desktop from any internet connection, it’s secure and encrypted
  • All of your business applications like Microsoft Office; Exchange email (Outlook), Personal Documents, Company Shared Drives and databases are available via your personalised Cloud Desktop. With the familiar look and feel of Windows, it’s simple to use
  • Other software such as Accounting software (sage) and CRM or ERP solutions can be installed in your personalized IT Cloud Infrastructure
  • Your Cloud Desktop and all your data is protected, secure, highly resilient and fully managed by our 24/7 Data Centre teams. Management of systems, including patches and updates are performed by our UK based support team on a 24/7 basis.
  • Unlimited access to our UK Remote Support Help Desk which is Included in all Cloud Desktop (ITaaS) contracts
  • We also have field service engineers to take care of any onsite issues which may arise
  • You get as part of all ITaaS packages a Business Continuity Plan which would normally be costly and complex to achieve

This is truly the future of the IT System. Budgeting IT for business growth becomes simple and predictable

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Software Application hosting AoIP/ SAAS

Many businesses rely heavily on software to deliver their services to their customers. Having down time on these business applications could have a negative impact on the business.

Application hosting and provisioning (aka Application over IP or Software as a Service) is the ability to make any application resilient and highly available. We achieve this by packaging up your application and delivering this to your business users over the Internet.

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