IT Support

IT Support

Hosted Cloud Desktop offers remote support with all Cloud Desktop services and can offer customers who are not ready to make the switch to Cloud Computing an IT support package which maintains their existing ICT systems.

Local IT Support details

  • Monthly plans based on per User / PC pricing.
  • Access to our UK Help Desk Service Desk 9:00am – 6:00pm
  • Priority response for emergencies 24/7/365

IT will impact your business when things go wrong. All our clients are consulted and advised throughout the term of their support contract with our integrated IT Manager. They will ensure that the right solution is in place to secure your systems and data from any possible failures. This is an essential part of the support plan because as technology moves forward, making IT improvements can mitigate risk.

The support structure is based on three principles.

  • 1. Preventative maintenance
  • 2. Proactive support and advice
  • 3. Interactive remote support

We have immense experience in the support and maintenance of ICT. We help all types of businesses achieve IT efficiency whilst reducing overall expenditure and increasing productivity, we always emphasise on your business need first and match this with the right technology

Whether you are a small or a large business we can make a difference with the right support and IT planning.

Preventative maintenance

We are constantly updating and scheduling out of hours maintenance tasks on all of your systems. This gives the system the immunity they need to maintain reliability against the threats that could jeopardise IT operations; coupled with a strong emphasis on security your business is protected. Where possible we will design a business continuity plan which adds high availability to the most critical parts of your IT System.

Proactive Support and Advice

Microsoft Windows is the leader in end user operating systems but it isn’t without its problems, our tools are designed to alert us in the event of a system failure. Error and warning messages can give us an early warning sign for potential outages. Our IT consultants can spot these potential risks and take proactive action.

Interactive support

Computer Users will always need help once in a while. Our remote tools are designed especially for these situations. Our service desk technicians can remotely manage your IT environment and take action on your system remotely. We also tutor on basic windows and office tasks making your users more efficient with their PC’s.