PC Surveillance

Be in the know what's really goes on?

In today’s ever growing information race, keeping your business competitive means protecting your biggest investment, its intelligence, integrity and data. Unfortunately more time is spent on external security when in fact the biggest risk is on the internal network.

We are specialists in installing, supporting and maintaining the best of breed software to achieve full PC surveillance.

Complete Monitoring of Desktop PC & Internet Activity

Spector 360 Is PC & Internet Monitoring... Made Easy!

Spector 360 enables IT or management to easily Monitor employees' PC and Internet usage, Analyze trends and patterns, Investigate when something seems amiss, Search for specific details, and Report findings all from the convenience of the desktop.

Our network surveillance and security solutions can integrate seamlessly into your network and produce a wealth of data which will safe guard your business from theft or misconduct, Identifying where the risks are enables the business to take preventative action.

The Benefits of Spector 360

Spector 360 addresses your productivity, ethics, security, and compliance concerns by monitoring the “human aspect” of computer and Internet usage across the entire organization. If a problem is suspected, it takes minutes to generate detailed activity reports or simply “rewind and replay” any individual's computer and Internet activity.

With Spector 360 you will:

  • Create a secure, centralized archive of all PC and Internet activity
  • Reduce IT man hours required to investigate PC and Internet abuse to almost ZERO
  • Produce clear and concise reports of PC and Internet activity by person, department or the entire company
  • Shift responsibility for interpreting "Use and Abuse" reports to executives, department managers, human resources and/or legal
  • Automate the reporting process with scheduled email delivery
  • Be a hero the next time someone asks you a question that relies on having an accurate, historical record of PC and Internet use

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