Telephone Systems

Sophisticated Telephony made simple

Telecommunications are part of the overall IT strategy. We use the Best of Breed philosophy to select a solution which offers your business the most competitive price point on cost of ownership and future proofing.

We use a number of solutions based on your budget and growth requirements. Choosing flexible telephony platforms enables you to choose from hundreds of handset phone syles across multiple vendors like CISCO, Polycom, SNOM & Yealink to mention but a few.

One platform which we are promoting is the IPCORTEX PABX. We find this a great fit in most businesses cases.

Details about IPCORTEX

The VoIP Cortex PABX is a flexible and powerful business VoIP PABX system which provides all of the phone system features required by a typical business at a fraction of the cost of legacy PABX units.

The compact, power efficient 1U hardware features:
  • Simple but comprehensive Web based management
  • ISDN2, ISDN30e line options and unlimited VoIP termination providers on all models
  • Automated phone provisioning for all major VoIP phone vendors
  • Very low power consumption
  • Shallow (230mm deep) Rack Mounting

Setup in minutes, the PABX provides you with the ability to make and receive calls with clarity and reliability over the normal telephone network via your office LAN and IP Phones.

Inter-office calls to similarly equipped remote sites across the Internet or private data lines are free of call charges and access to the world of low cost and free International and National calls via SIP and IAX networks is available.

The addition of extra extensions is just a matter of purchasing additional SIP phones, plugging them in and configuring in the PABX. There is no licencing limit on the number of internal extensions that can be supported.

  • Advanced functionality, previously only found on much more expensive systems includes:
  • Unlimited inbound DDI numbers
  • Unlimited voicemail boxes with e-mail and web based access
  • Interactive response menus
  • Unlimited soft fax destinations
  • Flexible hunt groups, including multiple priorities and both internal and external destinations
  • Call queues
  • Night mode operation to allow different call handling depending on time of day
  • Per extension call records and billing information
  • Paging

Offered with full installation and remote support & maintenance plan

Cloud PABX Telephony

In some cases owning your own PABX hardware is unnecessary so we have selected a solution which has all the benefits of a fully featured phone system delivered from the internet to business grade desk phones.

Demonstrations are available upon request and these also benefit from huge savings in call charges.