Web Application Development

Hosted Cloud Desktop Web Application Development

We have been developing web based applications for over 5 years and have gained somewhat of a reputation with our clients for being the first port of call when dealing with any business changes.

Our Team of experts include some of the best senior business consultants you can get your hands on and these individuals are passionate about perfection.


Most growing businesses are always creating new business processes in the pursuit of efficiency. Most will have some sort of business management software in place. Now getting new features into these complex software systems can be cost prohibitive. It may also be the case that the software supplier will not consider new features until demand is great enough.

This is where we can help. We have helped many of our customers make process improvements with the use of Be-Spoke Web Applications that interface directly with business software systems.

Firstly we need to speak with you and your employees to conduct an analysis of your business problem and determine if the current or proposed business process is the most efficient. This first meeting has no obligations and is Free.

If you would like us to help you then we agree time to a scoping exercise where we document the business process in detail. Once all parties are happy with the proposed solution we go about thinking how this is translated into a technology solution. This may be something which can be incorporated into your existing software platforms or if it’s something that needs to sit outside of the main software system.

At this point you have a document which can be used to instruct your software supplier on the new functionality you need.

If we determine that a web application is the best route then we go about scoping a system which delivers the new business process function in a technical requirement document. If your business policy dictates the need for competitive quotes all documentation remains your property and can be used at your discretion

At this point you are ready to start your software development. We practice agile software development which means during any software project we will keep an open mind and maintain an OTC “Open to Change” requirement scope which considers any changes that come about as the project unfolds. Given enough time you can always make things better but we are all about being cost effective so that you can see a quick ROI.